Good fences make…

…Happy Home Owners!  I have been wanting a fence since we first moved into our house.  And now, four years later, we have one.

I am so happy that I decided to write a “post” (ok, I didn’t mean to make a bad pun there, but yes, I’m leaving it!) about it.  Also, while I have serious stuff on my mind, I am not in the mood to write about it, so you, my unlucky reader, get to read about fencing. Or, you can stop reading now…

If you are still with me, the reason for this ode to fencing is primarily two-fold.  First, we own a dog.  Annabelle, our bearded collie, is four years old but she still thinks she is a puppy (case in point, she is currently holding one of my socks hostage and if I make the slightest movement, the game is on).  Annie is a medium sized dog, and we have a nice home, but it is not large enough for a medium sized dog to get her sole exercise indoors.  It will be LOVELY to be able to let Annabelle out into the backyard, and not have to stand there holding the leash, especially in the rain or the cold.  She will be happier too.

Secondly, now that Eila is officially a toddler, we do not want her toddling out the back door and into the pond behind our house.

As an added bonus, we no longer will have to worry about our neighbors seeing everything we do, or laughing at us when we go outside to let the crazy Ann do her business and are wearing penguin pajama pants, fuzzy brown slippers and are jumping around because of the cold.

So hooray for Craigslist, because we are getting used fencing and are proud of it!  And not just any used fence…it is a six foot privacy fence, complete with scalloped tops, with two gates.  My husband and my dad are going to put it up, but since each section is already built, it won’t be too hard on them either.

Ah yes.  This weekend, the fence will be up.  And I will be a happy girl.


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