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A Change I Can Believe In

No, this does not involve Obama (and to make myself clear, I do not support Obama in any way, shape, or form, other than the fact that I pray for his salvation and that God will use Him according to His plan).

This post is, however, about change.  I shared our new baby news, and that is certainly a BIG change.  In addition to our new addition, however, we are now seriously considering moving.  As in, we have found a house we like, in an area we like, and are currently discussing the fine points of the offer we plan to make.  Whew.  Talk about a lot going on!

But I am excited.  The house we are hoping to own gives us an extra room so my beloved husband does not have to lose his office (as a church planter/pastor, he does need a space of his own); it also gives us more land, beautiful trees, and nice privacy.  With the market in such disarray, the price works to our advantage and the seller (the builder) is quite motivated.  Will and I believe God is guiding us in the direction of moving into this home but will continue to pray about it until we make an offer or feel that the Holy Spirit is counseling us that we are not supposed to do so.

I do get slightly overwhelmed thinking about getting our house ready to sell and keeping it that way as we show it to others.  Don’t get me wrong- our house is quite nice and we have done a lot in the four years we have lived here to improve it (including finally putting in a privacy fence…and really, not to get off on a tangent, but why oh why do I finally get my fence only to consider moving before it is completely up?)  Anyway…we hope to do a For Sale By Owner to avoid agent commission fees and plan to price our 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house (with double garage, laminate flooring, huge walk-in closet in master bedroom, wainscoting in kitchen, and newly added privacy fence) very fairly, especially for the North Chase area.

So, that said, if you know anyone who is looking to buy a pretty home in a nice neighborhood for a competitive price, please let me know.


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