A Bird Named Moxy

Even though Will has already blogged about this, I feel the need to do a post of my own on this topic.  Over the past week, we had noticed a bird that appeared determined to build a nest in my rose trellis adjacent to our porch.  I initially wanted to let the poor bird be, but Will convinced me that we should tear the nest down before the bird finishes it.  This was primarily for two reasons: 1) Will reminded me that we have many lizards that patrol the trellis and could endanger the bird eggs, and 2) As we try to sell our house, it may not be beneficial to have bird droppings and a mama bird dive-bombing potential buyers.  Both solid arguments (although the first one was enough for me).  So, I agree to knocking out the nest.

The next day, we noticed that the bird has begun to rebuild.  I verbalize that perhaps we should just let him be, but once again, am persuaded that it is in his own best interest to stop the construction project.  Down it goes.  A few hours later, the nest is back in process.

The following morning, Will informs me that not only did he knock it down, but he placed a Samurai Spongebob figure where the bird was attempting to build the nest so that perhaps that would be enough to prevent the nest from being rebuilt.  At this point, I don’t think the lizards are going to be that big of a threat and I am really feeling badly for this bird and his poor bird-wife, so I request that Will PLEASE go remove Spongebob and leave the bird be.   Despite disagreeing with me, being the good husband that he is, Will goes outside to remove Spongebob.  He is gone for a few minutes, then returns to announce that SPONGEBOB IS MISSING!  

He looked everywhere, but the sponge is nowhere to be found.  Not on the porch, not caught in the trellis, not in the driveway, not in the front yard.  He had vanished.  Will came to the conclusion that he had been kidnapped, and that the bird planned to kill Mr. Squarepants.

I cracked up and began to admire this bird even more, deciding that he had quite a bit of moxy.

Then, when we thought it was all over and had surrendered a portion of the trellis for the purpose of nest-building, Spongebob reappeared on our porch!  I discovered him later in the day and told Will he must have overlooked it, but he insisted up one side and down the other that he had search the porch very carefully.  So it appears the bird returned Samurai Spongebob.  I think it is a peace offering.


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