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A Few of My Favorite Things

I haven’t written in a while despite my best intentions to post regularly; I have definitely been keeping busy lately.  Despite the writing drought, I have been thinking about some things I wanted to write about and have decided to finally make time to do it.

So, what follows is a list of my current favorite things…

1. Eila saying “mama” when she wants my attention (granted, this is not so much fun when done repetitively while I am on the phone for work, but that is another post)

2. Eila doing the “poopy dance” when she needs a diaper change.  The dance looks something like this…Eila looks at me, runs to one end of the couch, and hides.  When I ask her if she has a poopy diaper, she then runs to the other end of the couch, looking at me the entire time, and hides.  This repeats itself numerous times, until I scoop her up and head to her room.  Even better, sometimes she adds some variety by going up to the floor lamp at one end of the couch and shaking it back and forth, like she is ringing the bell in a belltower or sounding some kind of alarm.  As amusing as this is, due to safety reasons, I have to stop this pretty quickly.  

3. A new way we found to get our dog, Annabelle, to exercise.  You see, when we attempt to walk Annabelle and prepare her by getting her harness and leash, the lazy bum literally hides under the kitchen table, sometimes forcing me or Will to literally drag her behind out.  Now, however, if it is too hot or we don’t have time for a walk, we have “the light”.  Oh yes, the light does the trick.  I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about, but for the sake of my joy in telling it, I will elaborate.  Will goes outside in the dark with the flashlight.  He lets Annie out in the backyard with him.  He then proceeds to turn on the flashlight and move it around the backyard while the ball of black fur that is my dog becomes a light-obsessed whirling dervish.  Oh she is determined to catch that light!  It is quite entertaining.  Even better, the dog has so much fun that she doesn’t want to come back inside!  

4. Grasshopper legs.  Back when my brother was little (let’s say 6 or 7- although he may have done this when older as well), he used to run around the house while holding up the hem of his shorts on both legs, which resulted in me calling him “grasshopper legs”.  Well, we have found Grasshopper Legs Jr. in Eila…this past week, my child has begun to carry the torch for the next generation.  I don’t know why she started doing it, but she finds it hysterical, probably because she noticed right off that her mother finds it incredibly funny.   She runs across the living room holding up her shorts on either side, laughing the entire time.

5. Eila and Annie.  Eila, like most toddlers, loves animals and is fascinated by her Annabelle.  She currently tries to give Annie love by going up to her, and instead of hugging her or even kissing her, bows her head until it is just touching Annie’s side.  It is remarkably reminiscent of the respect and deference of the Chinese.  Konichiwa.

6. Crib diving.  In the mornings when I go in to get Eila out of her crib, I know she has slept well if she engages in the extreme toddler sport of crib diving.  She becomes very coy and rather than allowing me to lift her out of the crib, she will stand as if ready to come out, and then dive headfirst into her crib when I reach for her.  She does this repeatedly.  I’m glad we have not yet removed the crib bumper…

7.  May-men.  I love, love, love that Eila likes to pray.  When we pray at the kitchen table, at bedtime, or anytime during the day, you are very likely to see Eila clasp her hands together to pray along.  Even better, however, is that once we say “Amen”, she follows it up with her version of Amen, May-men.  It is the sweetest thing and it gets me every time.  I have no doubt that that must make Jesus smile.  

8. Eila has begun saying her own name, and while I can’t capture quite how she says it through writing, suffice it to say that her version of Eila is as precious as she is.  

9. Spontaneous hugs.  Not much is better than having your 16-month-old run up to you and give you a hug, especially when you crouch down and she hugs you tightly around the neck.

10. Sweet nothings…okay, so this one is about Eila too…the child loves to whisper.  She gets such a kick out of it.  She likes to sit in my lap and whisper her toddler nonsense mingled with her rapidly growing (and impressive I might add) vocabulary.  My favorite by moment of this by far occurred Thursday night during small group.  Our associate pastor’s son, who is 6 years old, was sitting in Eila’s chair with her.  I watched as she tapped him on the shoulder and proceeded to lean over and whisper in his ear.  My husband may not have been thrilled (concerned with years to come I’m sure 🙂 ), but it was amazingly sweet.  

I will stop at 10 favorite things for now- my obsessive-compulsive nature wouldn’t let me stop before that nice round number and if I keep going, I would have to get to fifteen before it would seem right to stop again (yes, I recognize how crazy that is, but let me be).  And I need to go spend time with my husband…

Actually, I will break out of my mold and add an 11th favorite thing…

11.  Dove.  That is one of the nicknames my husband calls me.  As in “Whenever you’re ready, dove”, which he just said to me to gently signal that it is time to say “Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you”  (forgive the Sound of Music reference, but it was so fitting given the title…)


3 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things”

  1. Awww I just found your blog and I have already laughed out loud and teared up– clearly, it’s a success. 🙂 I must meet your baby girl one of these days…..what a love……

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