Eat your vegetables

It has occurred to me of late that Veggietales is quite the interesting idea.  The reason I have been contemplating such an important topic such as Veggietales is that Eila is OBSESSED with them, and by obsessed I mean she will randomly ask for “tales, cebu, bunny song, or monkey” throughout the day, all referring to a Veggietales silly song and will cry REAL TEARS when I let her watch a couple of silly songs and then turn it off..thankfully this obsession replaced the Elmo obsession, of which I am extremely thankful for.

Anyway, just a thought here– why, if we want our children to learn to eat vegetables, do we encourage them to come to like characters that are cucumbers, tomatoes, and other veggies?  Ha Larry, I have eaten off your head- Ha Bob, you will complement my spaghetti sauce nicely.   Junior Asparagus, run for your life before you join the rest of the veggies in the ah, hot tub on the stove range.  Why did the creators of Veggietales not think of this?  Perhaps this is not an issue at all, but logically speaking, it seems that it would be…doesn’t it?  Thoughts?


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