Making Memories of Us

Before Eila was born, I remember hearing some people talk or write about some things they do to commemorate their child’s growth from month to month.  Some take pictures, one person I know made a cake for each month, and so forth.  I decided that recording Eila’s growth each month for her first year of life is something I would love to do (and am especially glad I did now that I know how very quickly babies grow and change in their first year of life).

I wanted something that would last and I wanted something that would be meaningful as well.  So I chose to write a letter to her for each month describing what she is like and how she is growing- I’m sure other parents have done this but I didn’t come across this as I read what some people do.   This may sound morbid, but if something should ever happen to me, the letters would also help her to have a glimpse of what I was like when she was a baby and of how much I loved her, although the great thing is these letters will hopefully give her that gift whether something ever happens or not.

We have all 12 letters, and as we passed her 18 month mark a couple of months back, I remember thinking that I would like to write her a letter for that marker as well, because I am constantly amazed at how much she learns and grows with each day.  Today marks her 20 month “birthday” and I sat down tonight after I put Eila to bed and began writing little thoughts down as they came to me.  I am waiting to find the notepad I have the other letters on to actually write the letter out, but thought I would share some of the first things I thought of (and yes I am ending the sentence with “of”- it is my blog so I feel freedom!)

At 18 (to 20) months of age, my beautiful, sweet, amazing little girl…

-Has been known to say “Ummm…..hmmm…let me see” when asked a question
-Loves to play hide and seek
-When doing something she enjoys, will say “again” when it is over (over and over again)
-Loves animals, especially the “two kitties” that adopted us

-Has an amazing vocabulary- I can’t believe how many words this child knows and I think she learns at least two more each day!
-Talks about “Baby Asher”, “Baby Brother”, and “Brother Asher”
-Likes to kiss baby Asher by kissing mommy’s tummy
-Sometimes tries to share her stuffed animals with Asher by putting them on mommy’s tummy

-Loves to run up and hug her mommy and daddy’s legs
-When told “I love you” will say “you too” in response

-Eats well and loves pasta noodles in particular-Is obsessed with Veggietales, particularly liking “Cebu”, “Monkey”, Yodeling Veterinarian”, “Bunny Song” and “Larry’s High Silk Hat”

-Loves “Pooh Bear” (Winnie the Pooh)
-Likes to dance to Crazy in Love by Jay-Z and Beyonce because of the “uh oh” refrain
-Likes to throw things and then say “uh-oh”
-Likes to say “Oh gosh”, particularly when she stumbles or is sliding down the stairs

-Likes to blow kisses to bodies of water- the child loves water

-Likes trucks and some cars and once when she saw a vehicle with bumper stickers literally covering the back of it, decided that was an “icky truck” and said so repeatedly until the truck turned off

-Does not like to have things on her hands or feet, therefore if she gets food or sand/dirt on her feet, she loudly makes the pronouncement “icky” and demands that she be wiped clean

-Can name some of her colors, most of the parts of her body, can do some of her ABC’s in order (not consistently yet) and can count 2,3,4 but has something against the number 1

-Has the most amazing way about her- I am so blessed.


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