30 Days and Counting…

Asher is a month old!  Good grief, how did that happen so fast?  Time is definitely going by faster this go-round than it did with the early Eila days.  To honor my little guy’s first month, I thought I would share some of my favorite moments from it in the style of a Top 10 list…so here we go!

#10- Dancing Boy.  This is what Eila inadvertently calls Asher when she tries to refer to him as “handsome boy” as her father and I do.  And I know I may be biased, but Asher truly is a handsome boy.

#9- From Velociraptor to Tiger Cub.  I don’t know if all baby boys are as vocal, but Mr. Asher can do some major animal impressions, asleep or awake.  He has one noise that could give the sound crew from Jurassic Park a run for their money, although the majority of the time he growls like a little tiger cub.  He has skills, my boy does.

#8- Mealtimes.  Asher is hysterical when getting ready to nurse- he moves his head back and forth from side to side quickly and his eyes seem to light up.  I love it.

#7- Christmas lights.  Ahh, a love affair with the tiny white lights that adorned our Christmas tree.  He loved to sit in his bouncy seat and stare at those lights.  I think he peed on me yesterday because I began taking them down.

#6- Tracking.  He is excellent at following people around the room with his eyes, and when having a clingy moment (or day), I still find it sweet that he is often satisfied with being able to follow me in a room and only protests when I disappear around a corner.  This can also be frustrating, but it warms my mommy heart (and I suppose, feeds my mommy ego).

#6-  Sleep faces.  Mr. Asher Benjamin entertains me regularly as he enters a light sleep cycle.  This is because of the many faces he makes, including one Elvis face and one that I call the “hey ladies” face.  I can’t describe it other than to say I can totally picture him doing the “hey ladies” face when he hits his teenage years…

#4- Cuddle monkey.  He loves, loves, loves to cuddle while being held.  He still does the sweet newborn pose in which he is curled up as he was in the womb (you know, knees drawn up and arms in).  Today was one of those days where he REALLY wanted to be held, and he continuously snuggled into my neck, and even clutched my hair.

#3- The innocent me pose.  Related to #4, he also likes to take his hands and clasp them under his face while asleep laying on us.  The picture of innocence.  I will think back to this picture of innocence in the years to come…and probably laugh.

#2- Pee ninja.  I have mentioned his vocal skills, but nothing prepared us for the pee ninja.  The boy can pee in any direction, at any time, naked or fully dressed, covered up or not.  Thankfully, this skill of his has decreased over the past couple of weeks (which my washer/dryer and I appreciate), but it is still present nonetheless.  I will never understand how I can finish changing him where we appear to have made it through with him completely dry, only to find a wet spot on his clothing…pee ninja.

#1- THE SMILES.  Oh how I love to see him smile.  I remember seeing this for the first time on Dec. 29.  And no, it was not in response to any bodily function.  It was genuinely in response to his mommy talking to him.  And since then, it has happened more frequently and with daddy too.  Today was the best- he gave me a huge smile once he caught my eye and I began talking to him.  His smile?  Incredible.

I will end with a picture.  To me, it says it all.

Happy One Month, Asher Benjamin.


3 thoughts on “30 Days and Counting…”

  1. this gave me my first early morning laugh and also brought a tear to the “Gram eye” although we will have to see if that name is the one he can say or “Baim” as Ms. Superstar used to do. You shared that so beautifully Liv and I just think he is the most amazing sweet little boy and has a wonderful Mommy and Daddy to teach him well. Manifold blessings for both he and Miss Eila Grace

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