For the sake of being equitable…

One benefit of my husband’s love of technology is that I get to play with many of the “toys” he ends up with.  My new favorite is his Flip video recorder.  This means that it is likely I will begin uploading videos like a mad woman, as evidenced by the video of Eila and now this one. .  Below is Asher smiling for the first time on video camera (and some slight cooing).  Please disregard my dialogue (hardly noticeable given his cuteness), but annoying nonetheless.  I will blame it on the fact that speaking in a different voice, usually that of the higher-pitched variety, is a must listed in the motherhood rule book.

Actually though, it has been proven that the majority of mothers talk differently to their babies because the sing-song nature of “babytalk” influences bonding and captures the infant’s attention far better.  So there.

And I had to post this- I can’t just have Eila’s video on here without one of Asher too, can I?


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Follower of Jesus, wife, homeschooling mom to three kids (soon to be four!), and lover of pizza, chocolate, reading, hiking, and temperatures that fall between 60 and 70 degrees.

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