Happy 3 Months Asher Benjamin!

Today Asher is 3 months old!  For those interested, at his two month appointment a couple of weeks ago we learned that he weighed in at 13 lbs, 12 oz, meaning he had gained approximately 6 lbs since Dec 5th.  The boy likes to eat.  His height is in the 97th percentile and while I can’t immediately recall his head circumference stats, let’s just say that thankfully, the brain is growing- not that there was any doubt! His body is certainly growing too, as he has been wearing 3-6 month clothes for the past few weeks and is getting ready to start in on size 2 diapers!

He brings us so much joy!  I’ll be starting on his three month letter either later today or tomorrow (I write letters for every month through the first year to document growth, fun moments, and personality development).  Mostly because I want my kids to have those memories recorded so they will have something special from me to look back on someday.  I love how happy he usually is- he lives up to his name as he is typically Mr. Smiley.  Asher is sleeping in bigger stretches (from about 8:30pm until 2:30pm is, on average, the biggest) which makes me more pleasant to be around!  He likes music, being read to, cuddling, and he appears to be in love with his big sister.

Still somewhat bald with big beautiful blue eyes, he is my little love.

Happy Three Months Asher.

(I’ll be writing soon on Miss Eila too now that she is 2 years old!)


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