Random Thoughts of the Day

1.  As I watch my two-year-old daughter play with her Mrs. Potato Head, it occurs to me…why would anyone want to play with a fake spud (or a real spud for that matter)?  Don’t get me wrong, I like to dress things up and accessorize as well (one of the benefits of having children) and also used to play with one as a child, but really, a potato?

2.  Why do the neighbors located across the street from me (at a diagonal) sit in their garage with the door open rather than their nice front porch?  And, while they are nice people, why do they insist upon watching intently EVERYTHING I do once I open my front door.  At least do what I do and be subtle about it.  They appear particularly fond of listening to my crazy kitty call and watching me chase my little girl down the driveway as she runs manically and ineffectively towards freedom and danger.

3. Why do my cats like to roll in the sand like horses?  And why does the male cat like to come up and rub against Annabelle (our dog) while she does her business in the backyard? Because he’s a wierdo, that’s why.

4.  Why am I taking my free time to wonder about these things in a blog?  Maybe I’m the wierdo.


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