Little Miss Independent

My baby girl, Eila Grace, turned 2 years old on February 11.  Sometimes, I think I am still in shock over this.  I finished her two-year letter a couple of weeks after her birthday.  I felt somewhat guilty about this because I used to be a stickler for writing the letter the day of the birthday, but condensing a year’s worth of material into one letter is certainly different than just a month’s worth.  And I have one more excuse- my house is now crazier than it used to be.  I’m still working on Asher’s month 3 letter and it’s five days past.  Oops.  At least I’m almost done.

Anyway, because I am getting maxed out on the writing, I am just going to post a few of my favorite things about Eila at age 2 and then load this post with pictures.  Because looking at her cute self is much better than reading what I write, and because I can.

* I love that Eila has a crazy big vocabulary. I love that I can have conversations with her and follow her thought process (well, most of the time).

*I love that Eila says “crois-snots” instead of “croissants”.  I also love that she calls her baby doll “sa-lady”, who’s name is actually “Sadie”.  This now means that her father and I do it too, because it is just fun saying “sa-lady”.

*I love that Eila is so incredibly smart and has such a wonderful imagination- whether she is tucking in baby Jesus, putting Mrs. Potato Head pink glasses on Lulu lamb, or feeding her baby doll in the high chair, it is extraordinary to watch her mind grow and develop.

*I love looking at the world through her eyes.  I think us adults miss so much of the wonder that abides in God’s creation.

*I love the moments when Eila “snuggles” Asher by laying her face beside his, or when she calls him by his full name (Ash-sher Been-ja-min), or when she calls him Mr. Man like her mommy does.

*I love the way she sings Jesus Loves Me.  Beautiful.

*I love her smile and her laugh.  I am so thankful for the gift of this little girl in my life.

At Gram and Papa's house- summer 2009

At the beach- early fall 2009
Getting to know the chickens at Mike's Farm- 2009
Loving the flowers 2009
Halloween 2009
Proud Big Sister- Dec 2009
Not sure about this arm-around-him thing
Cheesy Christmas smile- 2009
Pretty in Purple
Daddy/Daughter Date Night- Feb 10
Winter 2010
playing with her doctor's kit after her 2nd birthday party
Me and my girl

I’ll stop with those.  For now.  But I can’t promise there won’t be more in the very near future. I love her.