It’s Been a While…

I haven’t posted in a while.  It’s been one of those times where I have a lot of things I plan to write about, but I haven’t wanted to write them yet.  If that makes any sense.  Some of them are heavier issues, others of course are lighter, such as the fact that my little boy is now 5 months old!  Craziness.

So I plan to have quite a few posts going up in the next couple of weeks, but right now am content to just be still and silent.  Just wanted to let you know (“you” being anyone who may have been wondering–if anyone is wondering) that I am still around and plan to be back.

Hope everyone is having a blessed week.


3 thoughts on “It’s Been a While…”

  1. lol, I was wondering! I pray that you and your family are having a blessed week. Being still and silent are often what we all need more of…remember:

    “The Lord is in His holy Temple. Let ALL the earth be SILENT before Him” (Habakkuk 2:20).

  2. Makes perfect sense. Sometimes you know what you want to deliver, but don’t feel it’s the proper time to express what you feel! Good luck getting it all out.. and a song lyric comes to mind at this moment, “..I’m in the middle of nothing, and it’s exactly where I want to be.”

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