Blogging for Books

Well, aside from chocolate…

Two of my favorite things are reading and writing.  Ever since I started staying at home with my kids, I have been blessed with the ability to recapture my passion for reading through our weekly visits to the public library for sanity story-time.  I don’t necessarily get a bunch of time to read during the day while I’m with my toddler and baby, but took advantage of the times when my youngest was nursing to get in as much reading as possible.  Good thing I read pretty quickly!

Due to my new determination to save money in as many ways as possible now that we are on a one-income adventure, I am linked to a variety of blogs that focus on everything from couponing to do-it-yourself projects to current deals.  Recently, one of these blogs shared a link to a site called “Blogging for Books”, in which you can sign up and receive books for free, as long as you commit to review them on your blog.  This, to me, is a bit of heaven on earth.  So of course I signed up, and I am really impressed by the assortment of books available.  They are all Christian books, and range from nonfiction to historical romance to children’s books.   The one I chose first is Under the Overpass, which is about a man who gives up his upper middle-class lifestyle to experience being homeless for a certain period of time, in order to see if he could be the Christian he said he was without all the comforts of which he was accustomed.  It should be arriving shortly, and of course, I will be reading it and reviewing it here in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, here is something else well worth your time.  This link will take you to the Yahweh Center Children’s Village (the agency where I used to work) 2010 Christmas newsletter, and there are some amazing stories in there as well!  It may take a few seconds to load but it is well worth it.


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