Book review: Judgment Day

I read Wanda Dyson’s Judgment Day a few months ago.  To be quite blunt, I initially chose it due to a lower assortment of books available on the Blogging for Books website at the time I was picking out my next book, otherwise I am pretty sure it would not have caught my attention.  Despite the title, Judgment Day proved to be an entertaining read.

The story focuses on a sensationalist journalist named Suzanne Kidwell who is the star of a cable news show called, you guessed it, Judgment Day.  She doesn’t care much about facts, truth, or who she hurts in her quest for a story.  In the process of one investigation, a man she has been investigating ends up dead in her living room and Suzanne is framed as the killer.  In order to prove that she was not the murderer, she enlists the help of a private investigator named Marcus Crisp.  Who just happens to be her ex-fiance that she betrayed in college.    He and his partner, Alexandria Fisher-Hawthorne, agree to take the case, and become immersed in a story much larger than anyone imagined that revolves around an insidious and very relevant issue to us in reality.  Marcus has to fight to keep them all alive long enough to solve the entire mystery.

I found the majority of the book to be quite gripping, to the point that even as the sleep-deprived mother to a toddler and preschooler, I found myself staying up later than I should to read “just one more chapter”.  The suspense continues to build throughout the novel and the book is well-written.  The ending is mostly satisfying- I say “mostly” simply because the suspense had built so much that I felt it was a slight let-down, although it would have been difficult to end the novel much better while still staying in the realm of reality.

The themes of grace, forgiveness, and redemption are strong and well-illustrated.  Suzanne is certainly not a likeable character due to her self-focus and narcissism, but through the experiences she endures in the latter half of the book, she begins to face the person she has become and decides to do something about it.  Both Marcus and Alexandria are Christians, and while this isn’t an aspect of the story that is heavily discussed, their faith is credited for who they are, the choices they make, and their ability to offer grace to Suzanne.

Overall, I would recommend Judgment Day to anyone who enjoys a good suspense-filled novel with intriguing and real characters.

*I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.  And if you don’t mind, please go here and rate my review.  I don’t like asking for you to do that, but the rules have changed where my book choices are limited unless friends rate the reviews.  So what’s a girl to do?  🙂


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