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Fondue. It’s amazing.

I feel like I have writer’s block.  Actually, I have plenty of things I want to say, but for some reason, I don’t feel like I can say them yet.  I seem to cycle in this way- I can have a couple of weeks where I pour out posts, and then, I withdraw and dry up like the crunchy grass in our front yard due to the drought.

I think sometimes there are so many significant and serious things I want to write about that I have to be in a very specific place emotionally to do it.  And I’m not there yet.  So I guess I’m just checking back in to make sure those of you that do read my blog know I haven’t disappeared.   Of course, those of you that regularly read my blog are probably used to this by now!

I do have one great story to share.  Being the mother to two children under the age of 4= not getting out much without at least one child in tow.  I can seriously count the number of girls’ nights I have had in the past few years on one hand.  Needless to say, when I organized a girls’ night with several friends and we all managed to agree on a date and time fairly painlessly for young mothers, I knew God’s hand must be in it.  And then, because I have lost many of my organizational skills since becoming a mom, I ended up almost messing it all up.

We planned to go out to a wonderful downtown fondue restaurant for ladies’ night cheese and chocolate.  Which, I could eat just about every day…. Anyway, I did not realize quite how popular ladies night is, and once it occurred to me that I should make reservations, it was two days before the date we had scheduled three weeks prior.  And since I had the realization on the 4th, and the restaurant was closed, I was going to have to wait until the following day to make the reservation.

So I called, and was told that there were no tables available to accommodate our group.  There was, however, a back deck we could try, but there were no guarantees as they didn’t take reservations for the back deck.  I sat on the couch mentally kicking myself for messing up my first real girls’ night in I couldn’t even tell you how long.  The back deck was an option, yes, but with half of our group pregnant and with the humidity and heat common to this area, I was thinking that it would very likely be a disaster.

I contacted everyone on facebook to see if they still wanted to go after my blunder, and everyone agreed to give it a shot.  I decided I would just get there early to hold a spot for us in case the back deck filled up quickly.  A few hours before it was time for me to head downtown, I spoke to my mom  and shared with her my concern about the heat and our lack of reservation.  She and I prayed that God would open up an opportunity for us to eat inside.  And wouldn’t you know, when I got there with two friends of mine (an hour early!) and told the waitress we knew there were no tables available inside so we planned to eat on the deck, we were informed that she had just had a cancellation for a large table inside.  Would we like to have it? Ummm…. YES!

They even let us have the table knowing that our whole party wouldn’t be arriving for an hour.

God is so good.  I am so thankful that He cares about even the seemingly most simple and smallest of requests.

And we all rejoiced.  Especially my pregnant friends.  And it was an absolutely wonderful evening.


1 thought on “Fondue. It’s amazing.”

  1. Kay Arthur has a teaching “Grace like chocolate” and how wonderful to see through your experience , our Heavenly Father’s character is loving and full of grace for His children who diligently seek Him.
    Glad it was fun!! I am next:)

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