Four stars for Mimi and sheer deliciousness

After doing this post a couple of days ago, I promised I would try and remember to mention how they turned out.

The verdict?  Mimi’s whole-wheat giant banana-strawberry muffins are pretty good!  Granted, my muffins were not whole-wheat as I didn’t have any whole-wheat flour, but otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly and was pleased with how they came out.  More important than my four out of five stars rating?  My kids loved them.  I could really stop the post there, because if my kids like it, it’s good.

I did love the slices of strawberry in the muffins and the banana adds a great extra but subtle sweetness.  They stayed very moist- I can attest to this because I just ate the last one a few minutes ago (two days after making them).  The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is probably because I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and am used to my muffins being, well, sweeter.  That’s probably my issue more so than Mimi’s though.  Anyway, I would definitely recommend them and since my whole family loved them overall and they are fairly healthy to boot, I will absolutely be making them again.

Oh no.  I just had to go to the allrecipes.com site to make sure I got the link correct for the muffins, and I found these.  Bad news for this sweet tooth, my friends.  Bad news.  It is highly likely that you will find a post on these in the near future.  I LOVE the Reese’s chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs, and these look amazing.

I’d better go back to reviewing books rather than food.  It’s dangerous.