Early 2012 Fun

Things I am enjoying so far about 2012:

– exploring the wilds of Pinterest

– the crazy things my kids say and do (for example…Eila now likes to take a handful of her hair, drape it across one eye, and say (very dryly) “I’m a pirate”)

– working out!  Okay, I enjoy it during and once I’m done.  Until I get started though, I am not so into the idea.

– that the beautiful and mild weather days are outnumbering the cloudy, cold ones.  I do like cloudy, cold days on occasion, but I cannot deny it is a wonderful feeling to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures in the afternoon!

– watching Once Upon a Time.   We aren’t big television fans (in fact, we only watch a handful of shows)- but I am really enjoying this new series.  I learned about it through a couple of friends and was hooked after the first episode.

– having conversations with my newly turned 2 year old (well, as of December)

-hanging out with my husband, who also doubles as my best friend

– homeschooling/preparing to homeschool Eila.  Now, I should probably clarify that I am enjoying certain aspects of this, such as watching her mind work, celebrating when she can pick out certain words while reading, talking about things she is interested in, and so forth.  I also quake with fear when I think about needing to start picking out curriculums in the next year or so.  And teaching her advanced math.  That scares me.  Thankfully, my husband has better skills in that area.  Oh no.  I just thought about chemistry.

– Cooking and baking new things.

– stirring up controversy/debate- yeah, just kidding on that one.

– Making slow but steady improvements around the house.

– Spending time with friends.

– Reading!  I love having time to read.

– Learning to hem curtains on a sewing machine.  In fact, using a sewing machine for the first time!  We won’t go into whether or not the hem was straight…

I’ll stop there for now.  2011 was somewhat of a rough year so I’m enjoying this new start.  I didn’t really make any resolutions- that’s never been my thing.  I am, however,  trying to remember that pretty soon, these days are going to be the days I look back on and wish hadn’t gone by so fast.  Which is good to remember since one of the things I am NOT enjoying so far about this year is my kids’ increasing tendency to fight with each other.

Good thing they are so cute.