A Trip to the Zoo

Back in April of this year, we took a family trip to the zoo in Asheboro, NC.  I’m not sure who was more excited, me or the kids!  The last time I had been to this zoo was when I was slightly older than Eila.  I don’t really remember much, but I have a great picture of me riding an elephant as a reminder.  Anyway, we loaded up one early morning and headed out to make the 3 1/2 trip so we could have as much time at the zoo as possible.  And because the pictures tell a much better story in this situation, here you go…

The zoo is arranged into two different continents, Africa and North America.  We started out in Africa and got to see these amazing creatures first…









I loved that we got to watch him (her?) drink water through the trunk.  Such a cool thing to see!










And we all loved watching the ears flap!










One of my favorites.










Captain Eila, piloting a helicopter that had been used to track and care for elephants in Africa.













I think this was one of Asher’s favorite places at the zoo.  He did not want to come out.  Kind of like when he went a week past his due date…











Watching the giraffes.









So graceful and I love their uniqueness.










We were able to catch a picture of the baby baboon riding on the back of the mother baboon.  I also have a picture of the mother baboon pulling the baby along by the tail (it was hysterical) but it’s not as clear a shot.










I love this one of father and daughter (and the flamingos of course).












Eila and “Simba” as she called him.












He had it easy!












Riding along between “continents”.












My silly, sweet boy.










I love the expression.











It was both fascinating and disgusting watching an otter eat a fish.  I loved that the kids got to see it though- great learning experience up close!










Such a beautiful polar bear.  But I have to admit I wondered how on earth this poor guy could be comfortable in the heat and humidity of central NC…










And this picture just about sums it up…we had a fun but exhausting day! 🙂

I’ll stop with that, because even though I have numerous pictures of some beautiful creatures, it’s much more worthwhile to see them in person!