Flowers, Grocery Store Flirts, and Grease

Since I’m blogging while the kids are napping and I have no idea how long I will have, I figure I will at least get some quick thoughts down on “paper”…

1) Speaking of paper, I have noticed how much easier it is for me to write online than actually picking up a pen or pencil.  And I really don’t like that I seem to have succumbed to our technologically driven culture so much that my hand actually seems to cramp if I write too long of a letter.  Each year I write a letter to my kids around their birthdays to share special things that happened that year and special things I love about them (during their first year I write one for each month).  I’ve noticed in doing this that I’ve lost something of my ability to write like this over the years, and I absolutely love handwritten letters.  Am I the only one who has this problem?  I really hope not.

2)  I am so thankful that God brought me together with a man who not only brings me flowers “just because”, but also brings home a bouquet for our 3 year old daughter.  My husband is amazing.

3)  Being a married woman, I am not used to men flirting with me, so when I was at the grocery store last week and one of the store employees that often is stocking near the milk (an area I visit frequently) said something rather flirtatious (I think) to me, I was stunned.  And uncomfortable.  Then I started to worry it may happen again and so I’ve been trying to figure out how to respond… maybe something along the lines of “My husband often says that too”?….I almost always have my two kids with me so it is extra surprising.  Needless to say I quickly veered down a different aisle today when I saw him in the dairy section.   I’ve heard others talk about men flirting with them at the grocery store…is this a common occurrence?

4)  I have talked about my love of Pandora.  Yesterday, in the midst of some country and contemporary Christian, the song Summer Lovin’ came on from Grease.  Not sure how it got mixed into that rotation, but it made me smile.

5) I still need to write a post on Asher’s birthday but am waiting to upload some pictures from our camera. Also, hoping to soon post on some DIY projects in our bedroom- I’m overdue on the door headboard we made!