His First Birthday.

December 5th marked Asher’s first birthday.  After typing that I couldn’t help but stop and stare at that sentence.  I am still amazed (like most parents are I suppose) when I think about the fact that my little boy is now one years old.  If I thought the year flew by after I had my little girl, then the year after having Asher moved at warp speed.  I don’t even want to think about what will happen when we have a third.

His weekend birthday extravaganza consisted of a little family party Saturday night and then a party with family and friends Sunday afternoon.  We aren’t into going all out for the first birthday, but we definitely like to make it special.  As I did for Eila, I made Asher’s cakes myself (his “smash” cake as well as a cake for everyone else), and we kept it simple.  I’m not always a theme person. because truth be told, I can become a bit obsessive about everything having to match the theme, which then drives everyone (myself included) crazy.  That said, we did decide to do a theme centered around music, since that is what my Asher loves.  The boy dances to the blender, to the vacuum, well, to anything with some sort of rhythm.  So the cakes went with the theme, as did the party favors (microphones that create an echo effect), the invitations (I just cut out a guitar to glue onto each invitation I made) and Asher’s main gift from us was an electronic drum.  And yes, I am aware that he is only one, but he LOVES the drum and is actually much more gentle than his sister is with it.  But that is another story.

So, as I forewarned, here before you now lies a multitude of pictures…

Asher and his daddy at pre-birthday family party
Making it clear that it is HIS chair!
Fell asleep holding his balloon
Piano cake
Such a tough life
The drums
The smash drum cake
After a tentative start, discovering the joy of cake
Little drummer boy
The dancing Eila
a birthday kiss from sissy
for some reasaon, this says it all...

Well, you all get off easy…I didn’t upload as many pictures as I could have because the upload speed was somewhat slow and my patience level at this time of day is somewhat diminished!

Here’s to a whole new year of getting to know my little guy better.  He is an incredible gift from God, and I can’t wait to continue watching him grow!