Two Years Old and Counting…

Asher turned two in December.  Disregarding the fact that we are now into February (I think it has actually taken me this long to fully register (accept?) that he is two years old), I thought I would do a post about my little guy.

His party was small and low-key, a result of being born right before the holidays and wanting to keep things simple.  Asher had requested a Larry-Boy cake, so I did my best!

I wanted to find natural ways to dye the frosting the different colors, but didn’t have time to really experiment with the way it would look and taste, so went ahead and used dyes for most of it (I’m not a big artificial dye fan).  I did use blueberries though for the purple, and it worked great- and tasted really good too!

We always end up doing two celebrations- my parents like to do a little celebration at their house for the kids (just family) and then we have the actual birthday party with friends.

The four of us at my parents’ house.

I love watching my little guy grow and learn about life.  Asher is full of curiosity and loves climbing, hiding, looking at books, watching Veggietales movies and singing along with Veggietales songs.  He is loving and very sweet, but definitely all boy.  He is clumsy, often falling over nothing in his eagerness to get wherever he is going, and he has a pretty good arm on him!  I am amazed daily at the differences between Eila and Asher.  Asher is full-steam ahead, fearless, and ready for adventure almost everywhere.  He’s still in the “I love my mama” stage, but I can see him starting to shift over into daddy-adoration as he gets older.

He has begun using the potty, albeit infrequently.  But I love that he initiated this on his own and can say that as hard as it is to watch him grow so fast, I do welcome the potty-training milestone!  Asher has become quite the talker and his ability to express himself surprises me (although it probably shouldn’t considering he is surrounded by talkers in this family)!

Asher has the funniest sense of humor and loves to be the comedian in the group.  He also tends to be pretty stubborn and I have no idea where he gets that from…

God is growing him into such an amazing little man, and we are so proud of him- I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring!