Pollen Haiku

The following is a 3 Haiku poem by Lori L. Moore…

delicate flower
partners with the little bee
Spring is beginning

yellow dust dances
upon lively playful breeze
pollen yields new life

rainbow colors rise
a field of party dresses
crafted by nature

Well, while I do admire Ms. Moore’s writing and do find beauty in pollen in the sense of its importance in the beauty of our trees and flowers, I currently have a slightly different perspective.  So my haiku goes something like this…

yellow, smothering

dust that covers everything

it is misery

So why do I feel this way?  Because my sweet, two year old daughter, has not been so sweet lately.  In fact, she is driving me a little crazy.  But it is not really her fault.  It is all thanks to the pollen.  We have learned that she has some allergy issues, and we have learned this lesson over the past three nights that she has woken up every couple of hours because the poor thing can’t breathe and is coughing and wheezy.  Her lack of sleep then adds up, and she has been quite the defiant one during the day due to her crankiness.  And, I suppose, I may be more cranky as well.  Because of that lack of sleep thing.  (Big thanks to my husband though for being so awesome about getting up with her the majority of the time!).

So anyway, I am not a pollen fan.  I praise God for the promise of rain tonight.  And now I plan to see if I can get my tired little girl down for an early nap…

Oh, and Eila’s current favorite Veggie Tales song is “Sneeze”.  Appropriate, no?