Livin’ On the Edge

Some may argue that once you become a parent, life becomes more dull in terms of opportunities for adventure and excitement.  Except for rock stars…extreme sports fanatics…and parents of multiples.  True, you may not be as likely to go on back-packing trips around Europe (which I think would be extraordinarily cool), but I feel that I live just as adventurous and daring a life, albeit on a different scale.  Don’t believe me?

Example #1:  I sometimes change my baby boy’s diapers without covering his boy part with a wipe.  Many of you may not understand this, but oh the danger that lurks underneath the Pamper.

Example #2: I have conversations with other adults in front of my very verbal two-year old, and she watches me as I do stupid things daily.  This means that what is said or done is very likely to get talked about.  Frequently.  And clearly.  Darn that terrific pronunciation.  (This does, however, provide built-in accountability).

Example #3: Will and I decided to answer Eila’s question “What’s that?” when watching Asher get a bath with the honest name for it.  And with the honest name for her girl part for that matter.  See example #2.

Example #4: Brutal truth.  That’s what you get from your children.  And, they are likely to see you naked when they are little ones.

Example #5: Finding time alone with Will.  Alone.  Without children. This is an adventure in itself sometimes.

Example #6: Staying up past 9:30pm when in the newborn phase.  Of course, this may be more of an adventure for the others that have the privilege to be around me the following day.

Example #7: Eating food prepared for you by your young children.  I haven’t experienced this yet, but I’m preparing for it now.

And, on a more serious note, we have example #8:

watching your heart, split in two, beating outside of your body, growing, learning, laughing, and crying.  And putting these two halves of your heart into God’s hands, because even though that is the safest place they can be, it’s always hard to let go and recognize that some things aren’t going to be in your control.  Realizing the enormous responsibility and privilege you have been given in being the mother of your children…and what a daring, exciting, terrifying, and incredible adventure that is.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: