Déjà vu

Before you experience that all too familiar yet eerie feeling of déjà vu, know that this is, in fact, a new post.  So if the button to the right looks familiar, it may be because you read about my recent desire to go to the She Speaks conference (as well as my recent entry into a contest for the scholarship) a few blog posts back.  And here we are again.  

I learned yesterday that another scholarship is being offered to the She Speaks conference this year.  Cecil Murphy is offering this opportunity through Glynnis Whitwer, one of the Proverbs 31 ladies and the editor of Proverbs 31 Woman magazine.  Ladies interested in consideration are being asked to write and submit an article for P31 magazine, and to write about this opportunity on their blog (if they have one).

After not winning one of the scholarships offered last month, I was partly disappointed but also relieved.  Not winning meant I wouldn’t have to figure out how to be away from my family or how I would manage to nurse Asher while in the workshops if they all came with me.   Not winning meant that life could remain a little more familiar a little longer, and while I still firmly believe God has something in mind for me in regard to writing and women’s ministry, not winning meant that I may have more time to adjust to this idea.

Yet, after hearing about this new scholarship, here I am again.  Putting myself out there and exploring another opportunity to attend this conference.  We’ll see what happens.