Today was the Day…

…that after a celebratory dinner including a chocolate “Big Girl Bed” cake, we introduced Eila to her toddler bed.

Will “upgraded” her crib to the toddler bed when he came home from work this evening.  Because we had purchased a lifetime bed for her (one that converts from a crib, to a toddler bed, to a daybed, to a full bed), it wasn’t too big a change.  But still.  My little girl, all 26 1/2 months of her, is no longer in her crib.  I am kind of in shock.  We waited until this point due to all the changes of the past few months: new home, new baby brother…and Eila has always loved her crib, often choosing to just hang out in there with her stuffed animal posse and some books after she woke from a nap.

But we knew it was probably time.  After Will got it ready, we all came in together as she explored this big change.

Gone is one side of rail, her bumper pad, and the ability to keep her confined safely and securely.  And also gone, is another piece of her babyhood.  And a little bit of my heart.

Newly added are a little guardrail, a larger pillow, and a new dose of independence.  And a mommy’s joy in watching her little girl grow up.

I am now going to go console myself with chocolate cake.  Here’s the video of her first introduction to her “Big Girl Bed”.