It wasn’t the fire hose, was it?

For those of you that are either a) animal lovers or b) enjoy laughing at me, you may remember my posts on Calvin the cat (and Lottie, his sister that showed up to live with us a few weeks after her brother).  If you care to read them, they are located here and here.

Anyway, the last time I mentioned the feline duo was when a lady from Craigslist came out to visit with Calvin, as he was driving our dog Annabelle a little crazy, which meant we were all suffering.  Calvin decided to act crazy and the lady left, ensuring that Calvin would reside with us for life.

Or so I thought.  The little punky cat took off a couple months after that, never to be seen again.  We continued to put his food out, looked around the house for him, I even did my crazy kitty call.  To no avail.  Will and I were both torn because even though he did drive us crazy, we did care for him.  While I was relieved that there would be no more manic barking by our dog, I hoped he was okay and that he had someone to take care of him.

Lottie definitely took it hard.  She meowed the most pitiful meow and stayed very close to the house.  I kept hoping Calvin would come back for her sake and also kept thinking, “Lottie girl, you deserve better than that. He just left you here.  Don’t waste your meows on him.”  I kept wondering if she would stick with us.  But she didn’t want to be without her Calvin, so a couple weeks after he left, she took off too.

I have a new theory now.  I think we served as their vacation home.  Who knew we apparently ran a bed and breakfast that caters to cats?

At least I know we got them their shots and had them spayed and neutered, so there won’t be any mini-Calvins about.  The world can only handle one.  And even though they abandoned us, I wish them well and hope they are safe with a new family, perhaps with Calvin living out his dream of being an indoor pet.