The house is quiet, aside from the dishwasher.  My dog is calm and laying on the living room rug like the good dog she knows how to be on occasion.  The kids are in bed (hence the quiet house).

About 30 minutes ago, howcver, if you were upstairs in my house, this is what you would have seen and heard:

Me and Will discussing how he should respond to a friends’ funny Facebook comment (we are all for attempting witty replies here in the Adair household).

Me laughing at Eila’s post-bath naked duck walk (there are no words to describe it entirely, but she leans forward and waddles around with her arms behind her)

Me to Will:  The only thing better than Eila’s duck walk is her naked duck walk.

Asher looking around wondering why he has a crazy family.

And then our nighttime family prayer, that tonight, went something like this:

Will starts off and then goes into what Eila has added on for the past couple of months…”Now I lay me down to sleep, I thank the Lord my soul He does keep, God bless Daddy and Mommy and Eila and Asher, and for Gram and Papa to have safe travel tomorrow, and for Nanny and Bum-pa, and for Quigley doggy and Annabelle and two kitties…

Here Eila chimes in… “and for great- grandma” (which is super sweet as both great-grandmas have been doing quite poorly lately)…

And as we bask in the sweetness of our little girl’s prayer, she then adds…

“And Pa Grape.”

Yes, that Pa Grape.  Of Veggietales.

And we all said Amen.


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