Chirp, chirp…chirp chirp…

That may be the sound you (you = anyone that has visited my blog in the past couple of weeks) has heard as the silence reverberates around my blog due to lack of posting.  It’s been a crazy few weeks so my blog has dropped down the good old priority list.  Once I have found time in the evenings to write, I have discovered that my brain is no longer capable of producing coherent thoughts, let alone sentences.

My brain is functioning well tonight, but has decided to watch Castle (we missed it last Monday) with my husband.  That said, I heretofore vow to post this week on the following:  Eila’s third birthday, my review of Lady in Waiting, and maybe even Eila’s birth story (per my sister-in-law’s request).  There, now you know if you want to come back and visit this week or not.

That said, I’m off to watch Castle, and if you have never seen it, just know you are really missing out.


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