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18 months and counting…

Eila turned 18 months last week, and it still amazes me that not only am a mother, but that I have a toddler and another on the way!  Does anyone else have a hard time sometimes understanding that they are an adult and not just frozen in a time of pre-adulthood?  If so, then I have company, if not, well…stop laughing at me.

On that same note, I feel like I started losing track of how old I am once I passed 25- I honestly forget sometimes that I will be 29 this year.  It feels like I can’t possibly be almost 30.  Sometimes I feel like I am a little girl again pretending to be a grown-up.

I am already learning the lesson that while children may remind you of your adulthood particularly in regard to level of responsibility, that they do definitely keep you young.  Eila does this for me daily, and I’m sure Asher will do the same.  For example…

Eila has a wonderful laugh that I love to hear, so what choice does that leave me but to make incredibly silly faces, sounds, and dance crazy dances (I like to dance, but not in front of people, as my husband will attest to, so to dance in front of her is certainly an exception to my rule)!

In all her toddler-glory, Eila is learning the beauty of the word “no”- clearly this relates more to the responsibility issue rather than the keeping me young issue…as frustrating as it is at times though, she sees it so sweetly that it negates some (emphasis on some) of the obnoxiousness that accompanies it at times.

Back in the keeping me young category, each day becomes an adventure, allowing me to see the world freshly through the eyes of a child.  When a plane goes by in the sky, Eila says “plane” with such enthusiasm and with such a look of wonder that I can’t help but stop and listen and look as well.

She also likes to say her baby brother’s name and kiss and pat my tummy.  Enough said.

In response to being told that I love her, Eila responds with “you too”.  Also enough said.

Not to mention that I get constant exercise chasing the munchkin around, which keeps me young but being pregnant, is also making me feel old!

I can’t imagine what it will be like to chase after two of them…at the moment, not sure I want to.  But I am so thankful for her and for her little brother on the way, and I will remind myself of this when I am later overwhelmed and asking God why, WHY did we decide to space them so closely…


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